Last weekend, the BC family went to the Tinnies and Tackle show. If you live overseas or are otherwise not at all interested in fishing, a tinnie is a small aluminium boat, commonly used by fishermen everywhere. I don’t know why it is called a tinnie, when it is not made of tin, but there you go. Our tinnie is called The Good Ship Bogalot, because it has so many holes that have been filled with bog that it hardly sits correctly in the water. 
It weighs a tonne, but at least it floats. But that is a story for another day…

I feel lucky that we live in an area of the world that looks like this almost every day.

 And when you live next door to that and your husband has taken up fishing, sometimes you wake up to this.

So you can imagine the excitement shown by the men in the house when we found out the Tinnie and Tackle show was going to be on. I noticed that Brisbane Kids where running a giveaway for a weekend family pass, so of course I entered – which was stupid because I had almost convinced Mr BC to take the boys and leave me at home. Imagine how stupid I felt when I actually won. I couldn’t dip out now, could I? Never the less, I put on a brave smile and decided to take one for the team.

The day dawned hot and sunny, and after the usual getting out the door shenanigans we finally got out the door. About 10 minutes down the road, I realised our car’s registration has just expired, so we returned home. A few minutes later, crammed into the tiny car that is a bit run down (but at least it was registered), we took off again!

About 15 minutes later, just shy of a large and busy round about, the tiny car ran out of petrol and we ground to a stop. Mr BC left me with the monkey brothers and set off for the nearest service station. 20 minutes later he was back, and a few short minutes after that, we where on our way!

Because I had not replied to my ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ email fast enough., we had to pick up our tickets from the lovely home of Brisbane Kids, which wasn’t that far away. Unless you navigate the loooong way, and see semi rural parts of Brisbane you never knew existed. Exciting!

After picking up our tickets, I continued to direct Mr BC. Turn right, I said – but he turned left. I asked him if it was opposite day, but he replied that we needed to get back to the supermarket we had just passed, because the car was overheating very badly. We got to a conveniently placed Aldi, where we not only bought a large drink of water for the car, but also some feminine hygiene products for me, because Hello! It was at this moment that I got my period! Awesome.

I don’t know if it was the steam coming out of the car, or the monkey shenanigans of the boys, of the strained/demented  ‘lets put on a happy face’ expression on me, but not one person in the car park offered to help us. What was worse, not one person made eye contact with us. Creepy. Luckily, and with crisis averted, we where soon on our way.

After driving in a 10 kilometer radius of the showgrounds for a while, the universe finally smiled on us and we got a free car park just a 2 minute walk away. 3 hours after we started, we finally got to the Tinnies and Tackle show.

Fucking awesome.

 Except it wasn’t really, it was shit boring. 
But I was taking one for the team, and kept my smile on. No, I didn’t break any teeth.

The kids thought the pine bark was way more interesting than the dune buggy display.  
 Mr BC was very interested in all the kayaks. 
There was actually a bar, but it was filled with men wearing singlets and drinking beer, no margaritas in sight.
We almost had The Gentleman convinced that he was going in this tank to have a swimming race with a shark. 
It’s for a new boat mate, so do your best. 

Your boardies are in my bag, but I left your goggles at home so just keep your eyes closed, OK? 

They will just play the Jaws theme to make it exciting for the crowd, just ignore it.

Yes, it’s a great white but I don’t think he will be very hungry.

He looks relieved, doesn’t he? 

There was an activity section where theoretically you could leave your kids and go to the bar, but we opted to stay. The discovery tanks contained yabbies, stingrays, and various fish.

Activities included a race to fill your little boat with ocean debris, plaster figurine painting, cast net practice with plastic balls, a yabbie pumping competition, and a short rod casting workshop, during which Monkey Boy cast his large plastic squid lure into the ceiling where it got caught in some pipes and couldn’t be retrieved.

Here is a grainy pretend-selfie-over-the-shoulder of a tired dad sitting in a stroller. I wanted to ask him if he’d lost his dummy, but chickened out. Really, I wanted to sit in a stroller myself, there where no seats at all for tired wives with sore feet.

 Ah, the four wheel driving exhibition. Riveting.
After the most overpriced lunch in the universe and 3 hours of wandering around, it was time to go. I tried to go to sleep while the howler monkeys went at it hammer and tongs in the back seat of the tiny car. Luckily we got home, incident free.
What an adventure, I remarked to Mr BC.
A family DEMENTIA! exclaimed Monkey Boy excitedly from the back.

And this is the dinner we got home to! I anticipated a long day and set the crock pot up with this, thank heavens. It’s loosely based on this recipe of Gwynnies, and I just topped it with some olives and chopped shallots. Perfect with a much needed glass of wine!

Tell me, what has been your most memorable family adventure?

Has anyone ignored you when your car broke down?

What is the most you have paid for lunch?

Do you love Gwynneth Paltrows website? I do!

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6 thoughts on “A family adventure

  • 03/19/2013 at 6:40 AM

    It was indeed a special kind of hell. Luckily I had set up the crock pot so I didn't have to cook when I got home.

  • 03/19/2013 at 3:20 AM

    That sounds like my idea of hell, I would have totally left the boys (inc hubby) to it and found a little out of the way corner to sit, sip some wine and catch up on some reading while they did the show and you not only walked around the show but came home and cooked? Above and beyond, I hope you had a relaxing evening afterwards!

  • 03/19/2013 at 3:13 PM

    Hehe for The bog a lot name 🙂 well done you for perservering. Love the look of that dish – I love her cookbook, but ave never checked her web page out – off there now 🙂

    Hello from #teamIBOT

    • 03/20/2013 at 10:46 AM

      Sometimes you just have to hang in there, you know? I haven't seen her cookbook, but I will have to keep an eye out for it because I do love her recipes.

    • 03/22/2013 at 11:33 AM


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