My name is Lisa Barton-Collins, and I blog as Mrs BC.  I live in Brisbane, Australia.

This blog is my place to seek happiness in the chaos – the chaos of never ending home renovations, family adventures with monkey children and an accident prone husband. The happiness part is the silver lining of belly laughs, and heart warming, mind boggling, fun. I know it’s there somewhere!I love to cook and share my  recipes here, both quick, healthyish family friendly ‘Mid-Week’ recipes as well as big, fiddly ‘Weekend Cookery’ towards the end of the week, maybe after I’ve been to the farmers market or the husband has come home from fishing with something interesting to cook. We have a mostly organic vegetable garden so creating delicious meals with this produce is a big priority around here! I’m all about #healthyfoodforbusyfamilies, but life is too short to live on kale, right?

I am passionate about up-cycling and renovating furniture and other goods destined for landfill. I’m an avid curb shopper and get a real thrill from saving ‘junk’ from being ‘junked’!

Oh, you want more? OK then. Knock yourself out!


20 fun facts about me. 

  1. I am 40 mumble mumble, & live by the beach in sub tropical Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia.
  2. I am mother to 3 beautiful children. I only have beautiful children, don’t you?
  3. I have been married for over 20 years to Mr BC.
  4. I loved corporate life…for a while. Now I love being a stay at home mum, gardening, cooking & renovating the house.
  5. I am an Aries & a Monkey in Chinese astrology. We are all Monkeys in this house, except Mr BC, who is a Dragon. 
  6. I believe I lived in New Orleans in a former life. Not in an antebellum mansion, although that would be lovely.
  7. I have a lot of Irish ancestry, which explains my ability to sunburn, my love of potatoes, & my superstitious nature.
  8. I’ll pretty much eat anything, except cherries.
  9. I am way too sarcastic, & not always very diplomatic.
  10. My favourite movies tend to be supernatural thrillers, or black comedies. I don’t really do that many chick flicks.
  11. I am completely sport challenged. No, really. I know it’s difficult to believe but it’s true.
  12. I would love to be a mermaid, but not Arial.
  13. I am a dog person.
  14. I tend to buy clothes that don’t need ironing. And if they do, I don’t.
  15. I love my family. More than anything.
  16. I am terrified of spiders, except tarantulas. They look kind of cute. I’ve never actually held a tarantula; I might change my mind if I did.
  17. I LOVE the ocean. I grew up near the beach, & I still need to live near the ocean. It’s a spiritual thing.
  18. I love to cook.
  19. I know everyone thinks I wish I was Martha Stewart, but I’d rather be Angelina Jolie.
  20. Sometimes I write lists about life instead of actually living my life. This is a very good procrastination organisation technique.

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