If you celebrate Christmas Day like most of Australia, you will be either having friends and rellos (mostly rellos) to your house, or going to someone elses house, for Christmas lunch. I’m sure you have your own traditional foods to contribute to the table, but I am betting the Christmas buffet will mostly be a variety of cold roast meats, prawns, oysters if you are lucky, and a variety of different salads and side dishes that are particular to your own quirky family members. I know, it’s like I’m psychic! Now, are you looking for something impressive (yet secretly easy) to dazzle everyone with? Enough with the mind reading, Mrs BC!

Almond Cranberry Rolled Pork Loin from Murray Valley Pork.

It comes prefilled and rolled, so all you need to do is roast it. It is not available at supermarkets, so your relatives will be super impressed and you can probably even tell them you made it yourself, for more brownie points.

Murray Valley Pork is Australian raised, cage free pork, produced by happy, loved up pigs, by butchers that care about the produce they are creating. It is not an imported, factory produced product from sad unhealthy piggies.

In the name of research, I roasted some with pumpkin and pears, with a drizzle of olive oil and a tiny sprinkle of sea salt. I roasted some smashed potatoes and threw together a crispy green salad to accompany it. I wanted my research to be well rounded and complete.

The result? Moist, flavourful, succulent pork that was easy to carve. The stuffing was not overly sweet, and not at all bland. It actually caused a small argument at the table when we ran out, which you should probably use as a primer for the big day itself. There was plenty of stuffing, it’s just that the monkeys couldn’t get enough of it.

It’s a hard decision – serve it on Christmas Day for easy applause, or keep it all to yourself. You decide.

Click here to find out where you can get some. 

Disclaimer; Murray Valley Pork gifted me with some pork, all words and enthusiasm are entirely my own.

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