Ben Elton (Blackadder, The Young Ones) has written a play so full of biting satire and witty sarcasm you will alternate between laughing so hard your cheeks hurt, and literally gasping in shock at the words coming from the stage. GASP! was first staged in 1990 starring Hugh Laurie, but has obviously been heavily researched and rewritten to be relevant to Australian audiences. 

Remember when that crazed loony, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, head honcho of Nestle, wanted to privatize water? I know, what a psycho! GASP! takes this premise one step further by exploring in hilarious fashion what would happen if big industry privatized the very air we breathe. I loved that the story continues to it’s natural conclusion while showing the big industry players for the wankers that they are. 

A small, brilliant cast directed by the super talented Wesley Enoch (Artistic Director, Queensland Theatre Company) take us on this journey of market greed, from the first inspiration to the top of the bell curve and beyond. The bloated, amoral, cash crazy characters take swipes at Asians, the poor, and the size of Julia Gillards rear end to name a few. Market expansion, attacks from competitors, PR spin; it is all fuel for an incredibly entertaining production. 
GASP! is on at The Playhouse, QPAC until 7th December 2014. 
More information including ticket sales can be found here. 
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