A Pet Portrait! I used to think people who had portraits of their pets where weird, but I can honestly say I’ve changed my tune. Do you follow the blog A Beautiful Mess? Those girls are my blog heroes. Their bright, inspiring blog is daily reading for me, and I am in awe of the many, many projects and businesses they create. Like, buy and renovate a house, launch a phone app, write a cookbook all at the same time kind of awe. How do they do it?  #GOALS people.  I’d loved this particular project for a while, so when my sister bought an adorable new fur baby, that she is besotted with; I had to give it a go.


Making a Pet Portrait


I mixed it up a little, but the basic premise was the same – choose a photo, print on colourful paper in grey scale, copy on the same colour and cut out to include an edge, then glue to a contrasting colour. Read here for full instructions. It’s inspired me to try different types of pet portraits, which should be fun!



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