If you read my post about Muesli, you’d know I was big on home made gifts last Christmas. The inspiration for these photo magnets was a well known company that was advertising heavily in the lead up to gift giving season, with an offer of 9 photo prints for $29, with free shipping. I thought this was a brilliant gift idea for far flung relatives, and almost ordered 3 sets – but then my eyes happened to glance at the junk mail. The junk mail was advertising MAGNETIC PHOTO PAPER FOR INKJET PRINTERS, with FIVE! A4 sheets for just under $24. And I thought, you know what? I have an excellent ink jet printer.


Make Your Own Photo Magnets


Sadly I do not have an excellent camera, so please excuse the grainy photo above.

The equipment I used was my trusty Canon MP550, which I love like a child – please note this blog post is NOT sponsored. I’m sure you could use any printer you like, or even have it printed at a print shop. My Canon came with awesome PIXMA software which enables a whole lot of stuff actually, but for this I used the very easy photo print option to choose a grid of 9 photos per sheet, with a border between them. Then I loaded the magnetic paper into the printer, and pressed print. Et Voila! Super easy.

After that I cut between the photos so that each photo had an even white border around it. I first tried to do this freehand with scissors, which was a disaster or course; but then remembered I had a special paper cutter thingy that did a much better job. If you had an ounce of scrap-booking interest in your heart (or even a ruler and a box cutter) I’m sure you would be all over it.

I selected different photos for different gift recipients to make a more personalized set, some were more serious than others. For some reason they all ended up matching, probably because of the red background but also because I used the same filter settings on each photo. I had a lot of fun creating these photo magnets, and can see the potential for all sorts of applications such as party invitations, thank yous, Christmas cards, to commemorate a particular event or achievement, birth announcements, maybe create some artwork or affirmations?  They don’t have to go on your fridge, the filing cabinet and a notice board work equally well.  I don’t think I will go into business anytime soon, but for thoughtful, beautiful Christmas presents I think they turned out really well. The hardest part was choosing the photos!


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2 thoughts on “Make your own Photo Magnets

  • 01/20/2016 at 3:04 AM

    Hmm I might need to find these a4 magnet sheets – I’ve been using magnetic tape from the craft shop which is fine but each piece needs to be trimmed. Print straight on the magnet? … sounds fab!

    • 01/27/2016 at 12:44 AM

      I was astonished at how easy it was! It was harder to find them in the store, I did need to ask a store member…

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