Have you ever felt like everything that could go wrong, does go wrong? I’ve been feeling a lot like this lately, so when the Chaos Family was invited along to the movie preview of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day I packed my bag with tissues in case some of it hit a bit close to home. Then I also took a pile of napkins from the concession stand, just in case. Don’t be alarmed, the movie is excellent; really really good. Most of my tears were tears of laughter, promise.


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (lets just say Alexander, OK?) the movie is based on the much loved childrens book of the same name, authored by Judith Viorst. It tells the story of Alexander (played by Aussie actor Ed Oxenbould) who has the absolute worst day of his life – gum in his hair, some embarrassing cyber bullying, the discovery that the coolest kid in school is hosting a birthday party on the same day as his, setting his crushes lab book on fire – you know, the usual. When he complains to his family they don’t seem to understand, so he uses a little birthday wish magic to guarantee they do, with hilarious results.

My boys laughed and laughed at this movie, like honestly, their sides hurt. They had tears running down their faces. They thought it was super funny that Alexander’s brother spectacularly fails his driving test, is forced to wear a powder blue tux to his prom, and is suspended for damaging school property in a freak accident. They almost wet their pants watching Alexander’s sister have an adverse reaction to couch syrup and take to the stage as a drunk Peter Pan in the school play. They loved watching Alexander’s Dad (Steve Carell) take the highlighter-munching baby brother along to a job interview, set his sleeves on fire over tepanyaki, and get flattened by a kangaroo. As for Alexander’s mum (Jennifer Garner) racing on a pushbike to stop Dick Van Dyke from reading a very funny typo laden book to a room full of toddlers, well….they where howling with delight.

The premise of the movie is that you need to have the bad days to appreciate the good ones, and in true Disney fashion the ending is a happy, satisfying, heart expanding finale.

I highly recommend it if you need a good laugh yourself.

Opens in cinemas everywhere, December 4th 2014.

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