Gosh there is some shit going down isn’t there? Between Paleo Pete supposedly talking about liver and bone broth formula for babies, Belle Gibson apparently lying about ever having cancer and keeping money raised for charity within her company, and The Wellness Warrior dying after refusing chemotherapy in lieu of coffee enemas and fresh juices; you would be mistaken for thinking the Diet Industry is imploding spectacularly. That’s what I think, anyway.

My thoughts on the shit storm going on in the Diet Industry just now:

  • Lying to people is wrong. 
  • Lying to people to make money is worse. 
  • Lying to people about curing their cancer, their child’s autism, or any other emotionally fraught situation is reprehensible, and people who do this should be prosecuted and made to feel the full extent of the law. 
  • People who don’t think they are lying, but continue to make financially lucrative unsubstantiated claims, are irresponsible, and should also be made to feel the full extent of the law.

My thoughts on your diet are: 

  • I don’t care what you eat, it’s none of my business! 
  • The idea of eating fresh, local, organic, etc sounds sensible but as it’s your diet, it’s still none of my business. 

My thoughts on my diet are:

  • I eat what I need to be healthy. I avoid what I need to, because – health. 
  • I love food! I eat a varied diet, and get inspiration from all over the place. I have an iron stomach, and that is my problem. My pancreas is apparently not made of iron at all, and is some cheap plastic shit. Sad face. 
  • I like some paleo recipes because eating low carbs is one of the best ways to manage my diabetes, but I do not follow the paleo diet. If it works for you, great! But we are talking about me just now. (See above ‘my thoughts on your diet’)
  • I will never give up grains, dairy, coffee, wine, or anything. And don’t tell me what to eat, because I can manage my own choices just fine thank you very much. 
  • I would love to eat regular pizza, donuts, ice cream and pasta without consequence, but alas, that is not the horse I’m riding and must practice extreme moderation. I guess my pancreas really is the boss of my diet after all. I desperately wish to eat my weight in steamed dumplings and sushi but it would probably put me in a coma. Thanks, pancreas. 
  • I am lucky to have the time and space to have a veggie garden and keep chickens. I like that my husband goes fishing, I wish he went more often. I also wish we owned a salmon farm, but no. Disappointing. 
  • Most of the time I don’t like the taste or smell of coconut, so I try not to eat it. 
  • I don’t particularly care for lots of food products from the health shop, so I don’t eat them. 
  • According to my diabetes educator, my diet is excellent and very healthy. Go me! 

My diet is tempered by my own particular health requirements, just like everyone else. Diabetes is a bitch yo! But it won’t go away with wishful thinking, or exercise, or losing weight, or eating activated nuts or sprouted grain bread. It is the hand I’ve been dealt, so I must play it accordingly.

I love cooking, and sharing my recipes here, but I’m certainly not espousing any dietary mandates. I eat food that suits my tastes and health requirements, and if I’ve needed advice or help with my individual situation I seek it out from proffesionals. Everyone is dealing with their own health issues, and are doing the best they can. Isn’t that great! It’s not my job to be the diet police for any one except myself, and it pisses me off that other people give themselves a badge and start telling people en mass what to do. Especially people with health issues. It’s not cool, it’s fucking criminal. Or it should be.
What do you think of the drama surrounding the Diet Industry at the moment? 
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2 thoughts on “My thoughts on the current ‘Diet Industry’ drama.

  • 03/12/2015 at 1:07 PM

    Awesome post Lisa! I love a good recipe book and I need all the inspiration I can get, so I've dabbled with paleo – amongst myriad other cooking styles. As you say so very well, I know what works for me and what doesn't. I know there are things I should probably eat more of and less of – but how, when and why I apply those rules is my business alone. Such a shame when chefs with bright ideas become 'gurus', although it seems that every guru's day of reckoning comes eventually.

    • 03/12/2015 at 1:47 PM

      Thanks Lara! It freaks me out that people driven by greed and ego push their ideas onto a gullible public. Everyone's situation is different, there is no one size/diet fits all! Some of those people with bright ideas are not even chefs, let alone qualified health experts. Disgusting.
      I was gifted a Pete Evans cook book for Christmas – not the paleo one, and it's actually quite good! Lots of yummy recipes for pancakes, pizza and burgers. Surprising huh?

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