Last Friday Mr BC and I loaded the boys into the car and drove to the Gold Coast to see the opening night of Mystique, an exciting show from master illusionist Michael Boyd. Did you see Michael Boyd on Australia’s Got Talent? He is just brilliant. 
I always love a trip to the Gold Coast but The Gentleman and Monkey Boy where super, super excited to go on this adventure. First, it was at Sea World Nara Resort, and although I had told them several hundred times we would not be going to Sea World, just the resort next door, the seed had planted that they could somehow sneak into the theme park and have the time of their lives. There was no telling them. The disappointment on their faces as we drove straight past the theme park entry was almost tragic. Once in the resort however, they perked up considerably; and who could blame them?
Is there anything nicer than a glass of champagne at sunset, with the Gold Coast as a stunning backdrop? Well I don’t think so, but if you are an over excited Monkey child you might be torn between searching for a way through to the pool area, and stalking/charming the resort staff for canapes. Luckily for me, their stomachs won out in the end and saved me from any embarrassment. 

Do you ever worry that your children will make a spectacle of themselves?
As we lined up to enter the theatre, mysterious masked figures roamed the crowd, delighting children small and large. The foyer was lined with antique magician posters, the lighting was dim and spooky LED lights set the mood. The mood was: EXCITED.
Now, a bit about Micheal Boyd. He was taught the art of illusion from his Grandfather, and by the age of 13 had joined The Young Magicians Magic School in Melbourne. (How fabulous does that sound?) After he left high school he took his show on the road and performed three times a day until his big break on Pot Luck. Now he is one of the most acclaimed magicians in the country! Mystique premiered in 2009 at Melbournes Crown Casino, and has played to over 100,000 people annually ever since. As well as the following illusions, Mystique includes some amazing dance performances. 
·     Eight is enough – forget sawing a person in half, this illusion is
taken to the extreme with 8 pieces!
·   Fire to Female – one of the fastest illusions in the world!
·   Instant Magician – an audience member becomes the star of the show and
is transformed into a master magician…
·   Thurston the
Magical Duck
– this duck disappears and
reappears in the strangest of places!
·   The vanishing lady
now you see her, then you don’t!
·   Body through Body – two humans become one as flesh melts through flesh…
·   The Impossible
– can dreams come true?  Can we predict future
events ? Find out…
·   The Floating Lady –
a classic magic experience…
·   Magical Snow – Gold Coast audiences will experience a snow
blizzard in the middle of Summer!
·   Death Trap – locked in a box, a rack of deadly spikes are about
to drop – will he escape? Find out in Mystique!
We were not allowed to record any part of the show, which is a shame and let me tell you why. It wasn’t to photograph Monkey Boy’s look of utter astonishment at  the Fire to Female illusion. Seriously, he was shocked and confused, it was very cute. It wasn’t to record the sounds of my husbands laughter at Thurston the Magical Duck. (Yes, there is a magical duck). Do you see Instant Magician in that list? An audience member becomes the star of the show and is transformed into a master magician? That audience member would be my son, The Gentleman, who was up off his seat and walking confidently down the aisle to be a volunteer the instant he heard Micheal Boyd calling for one. 
Do you ever worry that your children will make a spectacle of themselves?

I needn’t have worried, The Gentleman was an absolute trouper. Micheal Boyd used his magic to enable The Gentleman to do magic trick after magic trick to much applause, which was received by The Gentleman graciously with confidence and a charming smile. At one point the opening bars of Gangnam Style started up, and Mr BC and I looked at each other with horror because The Gentleman loves, loves to do this particular dance. His face lit up with hope and a speech bubble (visible only to his parents) appeared above his head saying ‘Now’s my chance!’ Luckily Micheal Boyd swept along with his illusion leaving no time for Oppa Gentleman Style, and made The Gentleman the star for the show for a few minutes. Which he absolutely loved. 
So, even though they didn’t sneak into the theme park, the boys had the time of their life after all. And even if you or your darling do not become Instant Magician, I guarantee you and your family will still have a fantastic time. Although I do urge you to put your hand up when the real star of the show asks for a volunteer. 
Mystique by Michael Boyd
From Wednesday 1 to Friday 31 January 2014
Tuesday to Sunday at 7.30pm and matinées on Saturday
and Sunday at 2.00pm
Children $39.99, adults $49.99, family $139.99
Sea World Resort’s OCEAN THEATRE, Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217
Get your tickets now at or call
133 FUN.
Disclaimer: My family and I attended Mystique as a guest of Micheal Boyd; all words and enthusiasm are, as usual,  my own. Despite several people asking me if my son’s part in the show was staged, let me assure you it was an absolute surprise to me, and the trickle of panic that ran down my spine was very real. As was the sense of pride and relief I felt afterwards!
Do you ever worry that your children will make a spectacle of themselves?
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  • 01/07/2014 at 2:38 AM

    Oooh what fun! I just love this stuff! Very cute that The Gentleman got to go up and be a star, not sure I would have been game to be honest! I'm hanging for that new show Tricked to start, like I said – sucker for this stuff! haha

    • 01/07/2014 at 4:01 AM

      Sheri, I think has star has been born. At least a dozen people came and told him what a great job he did on the stage, and he thanked them all with chilled appreciation. God help me.

  • 01/07/2014 at 9:34 AM

    This looks like loads of fun! Your site is looking great too Lisa. I often read on my phone and it doesn't show all the details, but here on my laptop the house of chaos is looking so bright and clean! Well done.

    • 01/08/2014 at 2:11 AM

      Thank you Lara, that is the nicest thing anyone has said about the renovations! I was aiming for bright and clean, it's a work in progress 🙂

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