This post is not sponsored, it is my submission in the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Healtheries #snackosphere project, as part of the #Kidspot #VoicesOf2014 competition, of which I am one of the top 30 Personal and Parenting Bloggers. I know, how lucky am I! The prompt I’ve chosen is ‘lunchbox’. You know that as usual, all words and enthusiasm are my own.

I have 2 lunchboxes to pack every day, for two boys with very different tastes. One is allergic to eggs. One loves cake, the other hates it, but does like some cheese and crackers once in a while. One won’t eat anything overly fancy, but loves crunchy lettuce on a wrap. One is not partial to wraps, (and just quietly you can forget crunchy lettuce, too) but would love a thermos of soup in the cooler months – there is no way the other will entertain the thought of soup. One loves a bit of sweet chilli on a ham sambo, the other would report me to the principal for such an offence. 
Am I making the task of packing the lunchboxes sound fraught with difficulty? 

It’s not really. They each get a sandwich/wrap with some kind of protein/vegetable combo, a homemade (most of the time) muesli bar or piece of slice, maybe a small piece of cheese, a piece of fruit and a small packet of something chip like. Yes, chip like!

Busy boys need carbs to give them fuel for playground shenanigans, and need snacks that are portable, tasty and healthy. Yes, healthy! Obviously I’m talking about Healtheries snacks, not regular potato chips. I am happy to know that they are gluten free, have 70% less fat than regular potato chips, and have no artificial colours or flavours. Do the boys care? No, not at all! First priority for them is the great taste, and then it must be easy to eat. Can they eat it without interrupting a game of handball, or soccer, or some other fast paced playground adventure? If yes, then it’s a big win for them. The first half of lunch is for eating, the second half is for playing, and they won’t give that up for anything!
They like fruit, really they do. But sometimes, OK almost all of the time, the fruit I so lovingly packed in the lunchbox that morning comes home sad and lonely. 
Because sometimes, lunch isn’t about the lunchbox.
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