Scaring the crap out of my children.

Late at night, when everyone has gone to bed and I finally have the softly lit house to myself, it is ME time. It’s why I stay up so late, because I’m addicted to the ME time. I eat the secret snack, have something nice to drink, turn on Netflix and enjoy the serenity. Sometimes, I do my nails or a face mask. I like to switch it up and use different face masks, to keep my wrinkles on their toes. At this point it does NOT make me happy to see a child appear in my sanctuary, wanting a glass of water/to say goodnight to the dog/ see what it is you are watching on TV mum. So it makes me VERY HAPPY when they gasp in shock to see that their mum has turned into a zombie, and her rotting face is glaring at them in the gloomy light. Gives me a good chuckle!

how to scar your children


Wearing my invisible crown.

Back in the dark ages when I finally joined facebook, I didn’t give my actual birthday when setting up my account. I didn’t want anyone stealing my identity or accessing my bank account, so I said I was born on April Fools Day, which is a few days after my real birthday, so what does it matter, eh? Close friends and (some) family know my real birthday and send facebook greetings on that day, and everyone else posts Happy Birthday on April Fools Day, which is probably more apt. It hasn’t really been a problem, until this year. For some reason, everybody wished me happy birthday twice, and lots of people suddenly wanted to know why. It was kind of embarrassing, but also pretty nice to have a birthday festival rather than one day, and the whole festival got even better when Ikea sent me a voucher for a free princess cake, because I AM THE BIRTHDAY PRINCESS!! Top marks for the irony, Ikea.

Birthday Princess!


Finally finding good yum cha in Brisbane.

Last week we went to the preview of The Jungle Book (Which is most excellent, although maybe a bit intense in places for very small children? We loved it. It’s directed by Jon Favreau and Balloo is voiced by Bill Fucking Murray, for gods sake) and had an early dinner at Yum Cha Cuisine upstairs at Garden City Westfield. I was cautiously excited, but quickly blown away by the quality of dumplings, pork belly, roast duck and OMG THE BEST CHICKEN FEET I HAVE EVER EATEN!! Forgive my excitement, its only been 9 years. After the movie we hurried back upstairs to grab more chicken feet and some pork buns to go, they where that good. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! While having a casual chat with a friend, the penny dropped and I realised that Yum Cha Cuisine is a CHAIN and there is one only 20 MINUTES away from my house! I die. (Not really, but I did visibly swoon, and quite possibly moaned. In public)

Chicken Feet



The Ocean

One thing about having cartilage-less knees, there is no more walking for hours along the ocean front, and damn but I miss it. It’s always been a bit of a spiritual thing for me, to have a long chat with the sea’s horizon and work through all of the argy bargy going on in my head. I don’t know how I’m going to replace it, but I suspect the answer is swimming – meditating makes me fidget. I finally got down to the shore and had a walk along the sand, and it was like I’d never left! Me and the ocean are tight like that. What do you mean I look like a crazy person talking to the ocean? Rude! Yes, since you asked, that sea weed was a bit pongy but I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Hello old friend



Feeding my family.

I love it, I just do. It’s the highlight of my day. It makes me so happy to know that I’m providing my family with a nourishing, mostly healthy dinner every day. Here we have lamb chops because they were on sale (I got Mr BC to cook them on the BBQ, and gave him the corn to cook as well to get that nice charred taste) There was a green salad because Mr 8 will eat it, and a simple tomato onion salad because everyone else likes it (especially Mr 11) and tomatoes are so gorgeous at the end of summer, and some corn fritters with hidden spring onion because why the hell not?  As if we didn’t have enough carb on the table I also made some stoved potatoes – sort of steamed/fried with butter, chicken stock and bacon then topped with a sprinkle of mild paprika because that is my favourite thing right now. And a quick salad dressing to add flavour to that green salad, not that Mr 8 had any. The only thing leftover from this meal was a small portion of potatoes that I fried up for breakfast and topped with an egg.

family dinner


So what is making you happy right now? Is it the promise of cooler weather, excellent sushi, a bowl of pasta, a fantastic op shop find? How’s your serenity? How do you feel about chicken feet – love or loathe entirely?  You should know that this post is NOT SPONSORED by Yum Cha Cuisine, Westfield Garden City or anyone else. I was invited to The Jungle Book Preview and they gave me an ice cream? Man, us bloggers are raking it in!

Be happy xx

2 thoughts on “Things that make me happy

  • 04/20/2016 at 3:34 AM

    That last one really surprised me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a mum say that the highlight of her day is feeding her family. It was absolutely delightful to read that and it’s made me wonder why I don’t view the mealtime slough in the same warm and fuzzy way. Such a great attitude to have, Mrs BC.

    Making me happy right now is the harmony that has sprung from nowhere between my children (I have everything crossed that it will last); the glorious autumn weather Sydney is experiencing; and OITNB, although I’m not sure if ‘happy’ is quite the right word!!

    • 04/20/2016 at 11:58 PM

      I guess I just really love to cook. Feeding the fam is a great opportunity to do my favourite thing, and it also makes me happy to see them enjoy what I’ve prepared for them – of course it’s freaking annoying when they turn their nose up at it!

      I’m totally jelly that your children are getting along, I wish mine would! Hope the cease fire lasts a long time, and I have the same wish for this glorious cooler weather. So nice to not sweat all the time! x

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